• Comapny Profile:- Sadda Bazaar is an Initiative of Total Bazaar Web Services Total Bazaar Web Services is a Sole Proprietor Company Established on 3rd August 2013 Sadda Bazaar has launched 15th September 2013.


    Mission:- To connect the local market to the global Bazaar with the Help of Internet.                                              


    Objectives:- We provide a large variety of Businesses in a One Platform We give the opportunity to local Businessmen to promote their business online free of cost and with a minimum amount We create an online market Structure for any city or area.



     Free Business Registration :- In which any person can register their business online at free of cost.


    Advance Business Registration :-In which businessmen will pay a certain amount for advertising or promote their business and we will advertise their business at the large level               


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